• About us

2004 – Company founded in Basel-City.
2005 – First orders by the Basel City Transport Company (BVB) on the Hardstrasse, the company becomes a member of
          the North West Swiss Security Firms Association (Nordwestschweizer Verband der Sicherheitsfirmen – NWS).
2006 – Major order to ensure the road safety for the renovation of the Steinenberg area in Basel.
2007 – Our road safety department is expanded further and equipped with a modern car fleet.
2008 – More than 30 part-time employees are working in the road safety and guard services.
2009 – Major orders to ensure the security and surveillance of the new University Basel Children’s Hospital UKBB.
2010 – Extension of our area patrol and railways track security departments.
2010 – Additionally involved in the construction logistics for the University Basel Children’s Hospital UKBB.
2012 – Construction logistics management for the Center Syngenta – renovation Rosental.

Security4you is licensed for the Cantons of Basel City, Baselland, Aargau and Solothurn.
CCTV security monitoring service traffic Basel supervision service track safety gates safety concepts of Basel-Country
Safely to the target – to provide reliable and modern protection
• on building sites • on the road • in the industry • on the rail • at events • at home