• Building site guarding
Construction site surveillance requires reliable and effective monitoring systems to ensure the protection of your project.
We will support you right from the early stages and develop fully adaptable safety concepts that suit your needs and fit
into the environment your organisation operates in.
Furthermore, special attention will be paid to safety needs during the construction phase to prevent malicious and
exceptional damage occurrences. Thus unnecessary losses and delays on building sites will be prevented as well as theft
and vandalism.

Building sites service overview:
· Planning and implementation of a fully adaptable safety concept that suits your needs.
· Permanent or temporary protection in all construction phases.
· Efficient and secure monitoring of entrance areas and courtyards of the building site.
· Monitoring the implementation safety objectives and community safety rules such as helmet wearing or welding permits.
· Coordinating logistic operations on the building site.
· Issuing personal IDs with our own badge management service, for workers entering the site.
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Safely to the target – to provide reliable and modern protection
• on building sites • on the road • in the industry • on the rail • at events • at home

Building site guarding

Area Patrol

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